TNW Creativity Group

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Francis Rosete Chief Creative Officer Chief Executive Officer Creative Director Otto is our creative head, with more than 30 years of experience in media, as a journalist he worked for the most important news networks in the world (CNN - CBS Telenoticia - Univisión), is a specialist in Marketing and Strategic Management, and has more than 15 years contributing to the creation of new successful brands and businesses.

Otto is a man who thinks and operates completely outside-the-box.

“As a journalist I had the opportunity to see the best and the worst that the world has to offer, this gave me the strength I needed to transform reality as an entrepreneur and marketeer”.
Francis is a social communicator, she has more than 20 years working in the best transnational advertising agencies, in which she had the opportunity to bring big brands globally.

After a short time writing in media, she redirected her interests to the production area, in which she could develop a fast and effective conflict resolution.

A few years later, and after gaining experience with superior studies in Digital Marketing, she got involved in new businesses and discovered management skills that made her the strong, outstanding, and professional woman she is today, with a capacity of carrying out, along with her team, any project that is presented to them.

“Since day 1 TNW has been a challenge for me, here every day is different, and every week there’s a new brand to discover. It’s impossible to get bored when a job isn’t simply a job, but the execution of what you’re most passionate about doing”.
Chino is a Creative Director and expert in market studies realization, emotion boards, and brand equity. He’s received distinctions in diverse awards of advertising efficiency at an international level for achieving the materialization of creativity with a purpose and tangible results.

Chino is in charge of identifying how to communicate properly in order to actually connect with consumers.

“Creativity without information is like shooting at the sky, because a good idea done wrong turns into a bad one.”

Founder Strategic Planning Manager Jorge Sánchez For Jorge, strategy, tactics, complexity, and solution design are not alien to him. With more than 30 years of military life and formal training in strategic planning and decision making, he has contributed to the creation and development of a considerable amount of communicational brands, products and services that we have created for our clients.

Jorge is the man who operates like an adjustable wrench to refine our products and services.

"Don't get me wrong, I'm passionate about problems and dead-end scenarios."